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The Right Flight Services was founded by Grant Lam, a former naval aviator with over thirty years of flying experience. As a helicopter pilot, he flew Cobras and Hueys for the United States Marine Corps. After his friends heard that he was a Certified Flight Instructor, they wanted him to teach them how to fly. It was because of this and his desire to pass on his knowledge and passion for flying to his son, Joshua, that he started the flight school.


The name for the school came to him when Joshua asked him why some people just have a hard time learning how to fly. Grant told him that it was because they were never taught how to fly correctly in the first place. It was then, that Joshua told him, "Dad, you can teach them how to fly right." So that was how The Right Flight Services got its name.

Grant's goal was to make learning how to fly airplanes fun and simple for anyone who wants to learn. So, using his flying experience, training as a naval aviator, and knowledge of Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, he developed an easy formula for flying. He called it his PATI principle, the four basic techniques to flying airplanes. The overwhelming response from all of his students over the years was always, "I can't believe it's so easy and it actually works!" Grant wholeheartedly attributes this to his PATI techniques and is eager to teach it to anyone who is interested in flying. He believes his PATI principle will revolutionize the approach to learning how to fly airplanes because it takes out all the guesswork. So, at The Right Flight Services, we introduce to pilots  the PATI way to flying airplanes, because PATI is simply the easiest and most effective way to fly.

The proof of our PATI principle has been the high pass rate of our students in obtaining their private pilot certificates. Our students get their private pilot rating between 40 and 45 hours in comparison to the national average, which is 70 hours. Furthermore, learning how to fly the PATI way helps our students fly safely.

How do we save money and time for students who come to The Right Flight Services?


  • We utilize a Cessna 172 in our training fleet. They are cheap, affordable and very forgiving.

  • We teach proven techniques that work 100% of the time. No "trial and error" saves students valuable time and money. .

  • Our fleet of aircraft are well maintained and are operational year round. Students can count on having an aircraft available whenever they need it. Aircraft availability means they can maintain proficiency to hone their skills.

  • Kalaeloa Airport - John Rodgers Field is a Class D airspace, offering less time on the taxiway, waiting to take-off, and more time in the air, learning to fly.  In comparison to the neighboring Honolulu International Airport, Kalaeloa Airport is ideal for flight training operations.  In our experience, students spent more time wasted on the taxiway waiting for larger commercial airliners to take off at Honolulu International Airport than actually learning to fly in the air.  In response, we have moved to Kalaeloa Airport for a more focused and private environment, conducive to productive and effective flight training.

  • All of our students that continue through their Commercial training with us have been able to find placement in various aircraft carrier operations. Not only do we teach the right techniques, but we also have excellent ties with employers in the aviation business. 

Richard Schubert

Honolulu, Hawaii

If you want to learn how to fly and how to become a safe and good pilot, choose this flight school! I totally recommend this flight school. For me it couldn't have been better! I did my PPL in just 46 hours there. Tham Lam always responded to my e-mails very quickly and Grant and his team are excellent flight instructors, teaching you flying techniques which work marvellous. I'm from Germany and due to the fact that I was an alien student, I had to do some paperwork with the FAA etc. in advance, but Tham always helped me, thank you again! The weather in Hawaii - especially on O'ahu - is ideal for learning how to fly, sometimes a little bit windy and optimal to practise crosswind landings. Joshua and his team are doing a great job in maintaining the airplanes and are always good contact persons when technical questions arise. Additionally, HNL airport - where the flight school is located - is Class B airspace, which means you have talk to professional air traffic controllers which is a great experience! Thanks again for this great experience! =D Hope to see you soon, Richard

Brennan Stevens

Mililani, Hawaii

I was recommended by a friend to check TRFS Hawaii, so I scheduled an intro flight with Grant and went down to the general aviation hangars to check it out.  I was glad I did.  From the very beginning Grant and Tham where very welcoming and friendly.  Grants style of teaching made it an easy choice to continue flight training with them.  I recently finished my private pilot cert with them and am looking forward to continuing my education.  Grants PATI method and common sense approach to teaching flight made it easy to learn and grasp the techniques.  I also enjoyed dealing with a local family owned and operated business.  Josh, Grant and Tham's son, is the lead mechanic and he keeps all the aircraft in prime condition and he also helped me with my computer illiteracy.  I would highly recommended checking out TRFS before committing to any other flight school in Honolulu, you'll be glad you did!

Sean Mcelhose

Ewa Beach, Hawaii

Dream of flying? This IS the right flight school as the name says. The instructors are flexible and the aircraft fleet is more varied than others while managing to maintain a cost efficiency.

I started trying to fly with a different school and made no progress till I took a year off (forced due to deployment) and started back up with TRFS. The rapid progress and sense of accomplishment is indescribable.

I couldn't have asked for a better school that wants to work with you and get you into the general aviation community.

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