Flight Instructors                          

The Right Flight Services is dedicated to partnering you with the best flight instructors for your aviation training.  Each student learns differently and we focus on partnering you with an instructor that fits your needs best.  From aircraft rental, flight instruction and flight programs, we offer interested students the full package.
Vivien Lam

Vivien is the daughter of Grant Lam and within 2 years she was able to obtain all her ratings from Private to CFI and build up her hours to get her ATP rating. She now works full time for Ohana by Hawaiian, but loves general aviation and still wants to help others learn to fly.

Vivien grew up on Oahu and likes to spend her free time with her family and friends.

Joshua Lam

Joshua began flying in Hawaii back in 2003, but pursued a career in aircraft mechanics up until October 2016 when he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in aviation. Since then, he was able to obtain all of his ratings from Private to CFI in just over a year.

Aside from flying, Joshua loves to fix cars and eat sushi. He hopes to help others achieve their dreams of learning how to fly in Hawaii.

Jonathan Lam

Jon was able to obtain all of his ratings from Private to CFI within 1.5 years. He enjoys all things aviation and has spent lots of time flying and maintaining aircraft.

He is excited to help others learn how to fly and hopes to fly for the airlines one day.

Nolan Kim

Nolan started his flight training with Central Washington University, and after getting his Commercial License obtained his CFI license with TRFS.

Now that he has obtained his CFI license, Nolan is eager to share his passion of aviation to others, and hopes to fly with the airlines

Theresa Lam

Theresa is a graduate of Mililani High School and is the 5th and final child of the Lam family.  Just like Jon, she was able to complete all her pilot ratings up to Certified Flight Instructor within 1.5 years. 

Theresa loves flying in Hawaii and sharing her aviation passion with new students.  When she's not flying, you can find her spending time with her family and friends.